Exploring Drupal 8

Talking Drupal and Sego Solutions have teamed up to help you get started with Drupal 8. 

Audio Series

We have six shows that explore Drupal 8 site building, theming and module development.    This content will help existing Drupal developers get started with Drupal 8.  Have questions about Drupal 8?  After listening to these shows, you can join a webinar to review the material and ask your questions. 


Talking Drupal and Sego Solutions will host two Drupal 8 webinars to help you get started with Drupal 8.   Each webinar will review Drupal 8 features and provide an opportunity to have your Drupal 8 questions answered. 

Drupal 8 Site Building Q&A Webinar - Jan 12, 12pm EST   Register Now

Drupal 8 Module Development Q&A Webinar - Jan 19, 12pm EST    Register Now