Talking Drupal #084 - Forums

February 6, 2015

In episode #084 we talk about building Forums with Drupal





  • What is a forum
  • Are they still relevant?
  • Drupal Forum - Core
  • Forum features
  • Advanced Forum
  • Forum Access
  • Notifications 
  • Using third party solutions
  • Organic Groups 



Forum Contrib Modules -

Module of the Week: 


CloudFlare is a FREE reverse proxy, firewall, and global content delivery network and can be implemented without installing any server software or hardware.

On average, CloudFlare-powered websites load 30% faster, use 60% less bandwidth, and process 65% fewer requests. CloudFlare-powered websites are protected from many forms of malicious activity including: comment spam, email harvesting, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and DDoS (denial of service) attacks.


Hi! I'm heylookalive the creator of Harmony Forum, an ecosystem/platform/you get the idea built with Drupal to provide a modern entity based Forum!

I'd have loved for Harmony to be in the mix in this discussion (and would be open to future discussion) as it as a project takes on basically all of the topics covered.

I won't go too nuts as there's a massive amount I could say, instead I'll say come check out the project. I'd encourage people to look at the core project page first (as it links off to the many submodules, including OG support) or try out the very light distro. Harmony's aim is to make working with Forums in Drupal less painful, quicker and more intelligent by design than what's currently out there (or 3rd party integrations).

I've done a series of talks on Harmony at various Camps in Europe, a fun interview on Modules Unravelled and put in a session proposal for DrupalCon LA.

Heylookalive - we will take a look at Harmony.   Maybe we can get you on the show for the Module of the Week segment. 

Great information, I don't know much about forum building but this helped hopefully soon we can add one. Thanks for the help.

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