Talking Drupal #139 Using an IDE

March 15, 2017

In episode #139 we discuss the benefits of using an IDE for development.




  • Do you use an IDE?
  • Why use an IDE?
  • Features
  • XDebug
  • IDE Variations

Module of the Week: 

[Custom Search]

This module alters the default search box in many ways. If you need to have options available like in advanced search, but directly in the search box, this module is for you.


Just wanted to say, I'm a big ATOM editor user and I don't think editors like Sublime and Atom should be considered that different from and IDE. Atom can be extended via packages to do everything and IDE can. True with Atom you have to DIY turn it into an IDE that's comparable to Php Storm. BUT it allows you to pick and choose functionally unlike a traditional IDE. So if I want multiple cursors I can add the package to Atom whereas in and IDE your stuck with what it comes with. And you don't have features you don't need. It's alot like how Drupal is with modules.

Nicholas - Thanks for your input.  There is a fine line, or a grey area.   'Out of the box' often more cost/time effective. 


A lightweight open source IDE that you missed in the program is Geany (pronounced like "genie"). It runs on any OS which is supported by the GTK libraries. More information about its feature on its about page.

Thanks again for your work in producing the podcasts!

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