Talking Drupal #148 - System Settings

May 31, 2017

In episode #148 we talk Drupal system settings and how you can use them.




  • What are system settings?
  • Use cases
  • Using systems settings in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8


Module of the Week: 

Neutral Paths

A module for multi-language web sites, allowing users to access content in languages other than the current one by using path aliases.


Hey guys, great show!

Also, it's definitely worth noting some potentially unexpected behaviors in overrides in settings.php in Drupal 8. When using `drush config-get` by itself, you will retrieve the database stored value. To obtain the value actually being used on the specific site environment, that is overridden in settings.php, it's necessary to use the --include-overridden flag, for example:

drush config-get system.performance --include-overridden

For more information, see

Likewise, as of Drupal 8.3, the admin forms will display the database stored value, regardless of the overridden value in settings.php. There is an issue and patch to display the overrides as an alert that will hopefully be released in Drupal 8.4.


Aaron - thanks for the input, great tip.


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