Talking Drupal #159 - Helpful Modules

February 12, 2018

In episode #159 we talk about a baker's dozen of helpful modules.





Flippy - Version: 7. Created pager to move Next/Prev through nodes

Simplify Menu Version: 8. Allows for easier manipulation of menus in twig templates.

Coffee Version: 7/8. Helps navigate the admin faster

Content LockVersion: 7/8. Prevent two users from editing same content, prevent user from navigating away from content edit by mistake

Shield Version: 7/8. Places an easily configurable htaccess password on your site

Admin ToolbarVersion: 8 or (admin menu for 7). Provides drop downs for the admin toolbar

Environment IndicatorVersion: 7/8. Allows you to change color of admin bar based on environment.   Prevent confusion of which environment someone is working in, ie. green for DEV, yellow for TEST and RED for live.

Video Embed Field Version: 7/8. Easier to embed videos by copying url?

Responsive Menu Version: 7/8. Build an easy mobile nav

Block Class Version: 7/8. Add a class to the block through the UI

Configuration Split Version: 8. Allows for separate environments for deployment

Role Assign Version: 7/8. Allows better role/user management

ReCaptcha Version: 7/8. Implements ReCaptcha


Love the show, but hoping you guys can sort out your audio levels. The audio varies so widely across the different contributors that I need to constantly keep my finger on the volume control to wildly push it from low to high and back again, throughout the broadcasts. Not to mention that with the low volume segments/contributors, my car's bluetooth actually drops the connection because it's not detecting audio on the signal, which very rarely happens with other sources, but happens all the time on this one. Wondering if a pre-recording audio check might help? Or maybe something in post?

Otherwise keep it up! I appreciate the effort!

Joe - We are aware of the issues and have been trying to improve.  Hang in there!  The show we recorded yesterday should be back to the quality you expect.  Thanks for listening. 


Another thing that Environment Indicator module can do is change the favicon so that you know which environment you are on. If you assign the environments a name it will take the first letter of the name and add it with a square of the environment color to the websites favicon, so you can see in the browser tabs which environment is which.

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