Talking Drupal #160 - Config Split

February 26, 2018

In episode #160 we discuss the Config Split module.






The difference in audio levels between hosts continues. Stephen you are the odd-man-out. Your levels tend to be lower as you do not talk into or across the microphone. You left cheek is normally closer to the mic than you mouth is. Watch the video. Listening to the podcast in a quiet environment like at home in my office this is not an issue. However I normally listen on the go with over the ear headphones. Even with these on a street with moderate noises you are the only one that gets lost in the outside noise. I would recommend placing your microphone so that while you are looking at your camera and notes you either talk across it or into it. I worked in radio for a number of years. In any case watch the video of yourself and you position related to the microphone when you are talking.

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