Talking Drupal #163 - Layout Builder First Impressions

March 19, 2018

In this episode we share our first impressions of Drupal 8.5 experimental module Layout Builder.





  • Experimental module

  • Lacking good documentation and examples to get you started

  • Installation

    • Requires Layout Discovery
  • All or nothing

  • Layout scope - Content type or Node

  • Observations and issues

  • Replacement of Panels?



Have any of you tried the stacks module?
We used paragraphs a lot in D7 but have been using stacks in D8. It has a neat approach of allowing you to define multiple templates option and colors schemes for each widget (entity) type. So you could have one image and body widget and the user can decide if the image should be on the left or right or top based on predefined templates and you can set color schemes based on the site design for them to choose from as well. I also much prefer the edit interface.

Justin - I have not tried stacks, but will take a look at it.   We have also recently learned about Bricks.  


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