Talking Drupal #185 - Launch List

November 18, 2018

In episode #185, we talk about tasks that need to be completed when a website launches.




  • Why we have this list?  Do you have a list like this...
  • Communicate date and time with client and host if applicable
  • Have go no go meeting
  • Search Engine Stuff
  • Redirects
  • Domain
    • DNS
    • Test www bare domain
    • Setup SSL and Configure SSL redirect
    • Check all content is being accessed via https (Avoid mixed content console error) 
  • Security Lockdown
  • Performance Testing
  • Disable development modules
  • Cron
  • Database Log Files
  • PHP
    • Check Max Upload Files
    • Check POST max size
    • Check Max Max Execution Time
    • Memcache