Talking Drupal #296 - Linux 4 Everyone

May 25, 2021

Today joining us is Jason Evangelho to talk about his journey to Linux and the community he is building.





  • Guest Host Fatima joining us
  • Guest Jason Evangelho
  • Fatima thanks to vaccines was able to visit a friend she had not seen in a while
  • John back from vacation
  • Nic is painting his basement
  • Stephen first week did not produce the show
  • Jason bought tickets to see the Foo Fighters live... in 2022
  • Now known as a "Linux guy", what triggered your switch to Linux
  • What is Linux for Everyone all about
  • Proton
  • Linux for Everyone podcast, youtube, and community
  • Where do you stand on the scale of FOSS always and using proprietary software
  • Nic and Stephen Advocate for Linux on Talking Drupal
  • What holds the Linux marketshare back
  • EDU and Gov in Linux
  • Best benefit of using Linux
  • Top tips for switching to Linux