Talking Drupal #298 - Solving and Sharing w/ Matthieu Scarset

June 8, 2021

Today we are chatting with Matthieu Scarset about two modules he created to solve common Drupal problems.





  • Stephen - Moonlander Keyboard
  • John - 300th Show call for videos
  • Nic - Seeing friends again
  • Jason - Launching 4 sites tomorrow for RI eCMS
  • Matthieu - Moving back to Spain from France
  • Menu Manipulator
  • Solves language issue in core
  • Hides non translated content
  • Entity Media Usage
  • No DB tables
  • Essentially a view to show media or other entities on content type
  • Can easily be disabled
  • Approach to creating small modules that overlap with larger modules
  • Prolific module creator
    • User Info Block
    • Twitter API Block
      Flag Rating
  • Drupal version tag