Talking Drupal #321 - Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

November 9, 2021

Today we are talking about Drupal Diversity & Inclusion with Tearyne Almendariz.





  • Nic - Split keyboard
  • April - Daylight saving pet time adventures
  • Tearyne - Summer sabbatical coming to an end - working for Pantheon now!
  • John - NEDCamp!
  • Brief background for DDI
  • Talking Drupal #217 - Tara, Marc, Alanna
  • Talking Drupal #297 - with Fatima & Tara
  • First involvement in DDI
  • What’s new with DDI
    • Regional leads
    • Focus on Restoration and rejuvination
  • Changes over the years
  • Support from community
  • How to expand diveristy and equity in tech
  • How to elevate women in tech
  • React community
  • New members
  • Getting involved
  • First online camp
  • Biggest issue in Drupal right now for Diversity
  • Neurodiversity
  • How to be an ally and an advocate


Module of the Week: 

Entity Usage

You can configure what entity types should be tracked when source, and what entity types should be tracked as target. By default all content entities (except files and users) are tracked.