Talking Drupal #364- Cypress

September 6, 2022

Today we are talking about Cypress with Jordan Graham.





  • What is Cypress
  • Why testing is important
  • What can you test
  • What can you not test
  • Test cases
  • Difference between Behat and Cypress
  • Syntax
  • Drupal and Cypress
  • Cypress module
  • Test DB
  • Speed of tests
  • Module Ecosystem for Cypress
  • Test runner
  • Fixtures
  • Email testing
  • Grouping tests
  • Order of testing
  • Security


Module of the Week: 

Views Aggregator Plus

As the Views and Views Calc modules rely on the database to perform aggregation, you only have limited options at your disposal.
As the great Merlin himself said: "You can't aggregate a PHP expression in the database.  :/ ".
That's where Views Aggregator Plus comes in.